I started a yoga class a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted to do it for probably years, I just never had the guts to go (I’m an extreme introvert and completely shy if you didn’t know). I finally bucked up and went and wish I hadn’t been such a chicken. But I’m realizing that I’ve been doing yoga my whole life.

When my mom has back problems, I’ve given her massages and given her advice that I think will help. One of those bits has been to stand on knees and hands and bend her back up and down while breathing deeply…cow and cat in yoga anyone?

Yoga screenprint by WildVeda on Etsy
WildVeda on Etsy

When I was in elementary school I found a trumpet in my friend’s closet and started messing around with it. I had so much fun that I started lessons and then joined the school band a year earlier than normal and subsequently bought a shiny horn for myself. I played jazz up until high school when I decided to quit and sold my beautiful silver trumpet. Whenever I practiced trumpet, don’t ask me why it was just comfortable, I stood with one leg propped up on the other like a flamingo…tree pose?

And probably the most obvious: as a child I slept with my butt in the air. My mom thought it was the most adorable thing, but honestly it’s just wonderful to sit like that. Child’s pose is my favorite in yoga. The back stretch is wonderful, and I still think I could sleep like that.

Yoga painting by LindsaySatchell on Etsy
LindsaySatchell on Etsy