For those becoming parents…for those dealing with anxiety…for anyone really since we all manage to have the same experiences at one point or another, this book, You Learn by Living by Eleanor Roosevelt, is highly recommended. It’ll teach you that to stop answering every single “why” from your child will kill his curiosity. To not face your fears will only make them stronger. Sifting information through your own filters and experiences is essential to continue growing and learning and living.
You Learn By Living by Eleanor Roosevelt

In the same way that one should not rely solely on their partner for entertainment and life…so should a mother not depend wholly on her children. A woman should have her own interests, her own life. And all of this so when the children leave they do not feel the suck of a black hole behind them. Eleanor says this only makes children feel obligated instead of happy to visit with mom.

Respect for those different from us. Adjusting to different customs with warmth and curiosity. Yet not condoning those customs we don’t agree with. All of this so we can better learn ourselves because we co-exist with so many different people.

Though by the end of the book I was skimming simply because I have no aspirations to become a politician, I learned a lot. Even from the last few sections. This is a book I would have everyone I know read. I will someday have my children read it. The simple and obvious advice she reiterates becomes profound and strong in her voice.