I’ve been slacking on this project, but I’m so close so I refuse to give up. Here is another installment of my 100 photos project. And I think I’ll have to put together a celebration for the closing of this project and 100 followers. So keep an eye out for a surprise here in while.

Day 94 – Oh yes, chocolate ice cream, cherries, chocolate, cherry liquer, and chocolate.

 And now it’s gone.

Day 95 – I’m sorry, but I just don’t want pizza made at a Chinese restaurant.

Day 96 – A new addition to the house, terrariums. I’ve never lived in a place that has moss. It’s so fun! This one has survived and once this snow leaves I’ll start another.

Day 97 – Spring is really trying to begin, but it snowed again just two days after this.

Yay for 100 photos and yay for 100 followers!