We interrupt this regularly scheduled Word of the Week to celebrate 150 stalkers! I feel like really giving you guys a gift for being my stalkers. So here we go. Penguin books has a new collection of cloth-bound classic books. The covers are beautifully designed, and I want to collect them. So to start off the collection, I’m going to give one to one of you!

You will get to pick the book of your choice, just click here to view them all. This contest will be open until August 13th (ooo, Friday the 13th, cool). I fly to London the next day and will either pick up your book there or purchase it online (depending on cost). Just fill out the form below to be entered.

By the way, I saw one of these books in Munich. It was the Emma one. They are even more gorgeous in person. I’m so glad Penguin decided to do this.