I took a day trip to Munich yesterday, kind of on a whim. A blogger friend of mine, Christine, is in Munich for a month while her husband is working there. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet someone new so we set a date. The night before my friend said it sounded kind of like a blind date, seeing as we have only spoken through emails and blogs and have never met in person. I liked that idea, hence the title. I’ve never been on a blind date…but this friendship one was absolutely awesome! We had lunch, walked around the Munich market, and she took me to a spot where people can river surf. (Two rivers meet and make a continuous wave, isn’t that the coolest thing ever?) I’ve got pictures just to prove it.

It really was a wonderful trip. Well, except for the bratty kids in my train compartment on my way back. But I got to listen to them speak in German, and whine in German, and I understood it all! That part of it was fun. So…pictures.