I must type out a few things and just blog without photos before posting photos. I’ve been away for the weekend. My husband and I went to Telluride for a little R&R. It was great, especially the part where there was this beautiful rainbow reflected in the lake we were camping by. Imagine this, a rainbow above and half that rainbow reflected in the clear blue water with two evergreen trees framing it. Got that picture in your head? Good. Because when I pulled out my camera and turned it on…nothing happened. I left the freakin battery plugged into the wall at home. Seven hours away. And it’s not exactly a Double-A.

You mad that you can’t see that picture? Yea, so am I. And then we went hiking the next day in an amazingly beautiful spot called Bridal Veil Falls. Sounds picturesque. Only the picture in picturesque couldn’t happen for me. So I have a lot of video of flowers I would have picturefied.

Besides that, I’m getting ready for a pretty hectic weekend. I’m hanging my photos for a month in a local coffee shop. Crowfoot Valley Coffee in Castle Rock, Colorado if you’re around to come see.

And on Sunday, my friend Cora and I are photographing a wedding in downtown Denver. Should be fun. It’s our second together and would love to do more if anyone is interested, hint hint.

There’s my latest update. 100 photos post coming soon, minus the Telluride days that is, grrr.