I have a love affair with movies. It’s not a secret, I have tons of DVDs sitting upstairs that I watch over and over again. I have movies on my external hard drive, movies on a flash drive, movies on my computer. It’s certainly a faster escape than a book, usually not better, but simpler.

I also love mixing my obsessions. So whenever I hear of a movie coming out that’s about a book, I read the book. This past week I read Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. I’ve seen the movie before, but the idea of the book intrigued me so I picked it up. It was very good. Very down to earth and strong and straight forward. She’s brash and wonderfully refreshing.

The movie is a great escape, but it certainly tones Julie down. Besides the fact that it presents more of Julia Child than we get in the book. I’ve watched it twice now and each time it has given me this drive to go write a book. So I sit and write for a while afterward. We’ll see where this inspiration leads.

Do you get inspiration from movies? Or from something else in daily life?