I’m really embarrassed to show you these, but I have an explanation. I’ve never done self-portraits because I’ve always thought it’s a tad selfish and stuck up. I like hiding in the background. But the more I thought about it, two reasons to do self-portraits popped into my mind. One is that I can truly stretch my abilities as a photographer because I have to do them by myself. From idea to execution it is all me. Even the candid moments don’t involve someone else. The second reason is that in a way it’s not selfish because my family and friends would probably like to have some photos of me. Ones where I’m not in the back of a group or hiding my face from the lens. So there you have it. This is my 100th photo, and the beginning of a self-portrait project.

It’s also a contest in celebration of 100 followers and the end of the ‘100 Photos‘ project. Please fill in this form to enter. The one thing you have to do to enter the contest is click on the ‘100 Photos‘ link at the top of the blog and tell me in the form which of those photos you would choose as an 8×10 for your prize. I’ll leave this contest open until March 31. Thanks so much, Followers, for sticking with me this far.