I found this new thing to brighten up my writing. It’s called drabbles. Stories written in exactly 100 words. So I thought I would do them every Tuesday and have ‘Drabble Dienstag.’ (Dienstag is Tuesday in German.)

If you want to join in leave a comment with a link.

Here’s my first attempt. Feedback would be wonderful so I can get better!

There was nothing more important than acceptance. She had dealt with it in highschool. College had been a nightmare. But now she lived in a city she didn’t know, speaking a language at which she was only passable. It was fine in the post office when she could smile and nod.

Twirling her bracelet on her wrist, she couldn’t look up. It wasn’t the strobe lights; it was the cute guy asking her questions. She couldn’t smile and nod at him. What if that meant something she didn’t mean and it turned out horrible? She walked away.