I love to window shop on etsy and heart things. But I also wanted to share with you what I’m hearting since I love these items so much! I’ll try to group a few in a common theme (that seems to be how I like it considering Word of the Week is that way). And here is my first set.

I’ve found quite a few things that would be a wonderful gift for a new mom. Or maybe not so new, but just a good mom gift. This is not a hint that I’m going to be one any time soon, I just love these ideas for moms.

This is my all time favorite family necklace. I don’t think I’ve seen one that I love more.


What a great idea for a first-time mom, the EKG of your baby and their birthstone!


And here’s what to get if you want your family represented in rings.


All very unique and beautiful ideas. Definitely on my want list when I start to have babies.