We leave on Tuesday for Germany. Finally. It seems like it has been forever even though it has only been a few months since the interview. I’m definitely not looking forward to the flight, thank God for sleeping pills. We head to Atlanta and then straight to Stuttgart. It’s nine hours over the Atlantic. Ugh. Right now we are just preparing everything including cell phones, our bird, and extra baggage. It looks like Delta only allows one bag, even overseas. How am I supposed to fit my entire life into one bag? We each have two…that’ll be quite an overcharge. Oh well. Soon we’ll be in Germany getting settled into our new life. I can not wait.

Exploring our new city. Finding an apartment. Buying a car. Fixing up the apartment. And really getting into the new job. It’s going to be such an adventure and I thank God every day that He gave us the opportunity. Even just these few weeks in D.C. have brought my husband and I closer. I am so excited!