For our thoroughly modern and simplistic European apartment, I’m making floating shelves for everything. Including books and DVDs. So I thought I would build some tutorials in case you wanted to see how I did it. The DVDs aren’t perfect, but they work.

1. You’ll need some DVD cases, cutting tools, bolts, and L brackets. I chose the four X-Men DVD’s so that they matched as a set. (Yes, I’m weird like that.)

2. Measure where the L bracket will go. (That would be the center.)

2. Use your cutting tool to cut a notch in the case. (Patience with this.)

4. A notch for both sides of the bracket so that it lies flush with the edge and the case can still be closed.

5. Use whatever means necessary to poke holes where your bolts go on the top of the case. I used screws first and then made the holes bigger with my screw driver. (The softness of the case can be good and the bane of your existence. Yes, I broke one of the cases and had to switch it out for another.)

6. Attach your bracket with the bolts and nuts. Make sure to get bolts that fit inside the case and you should be able to just shut the case like normal. (My husband got all the materials for me. I know if I had been left to myself, the brackets would be too long and the bolts would be as well.)

7. Hang the shelves on your wall and pile your other DVDs on top. I only put nine on top of each of these. My husband thinks if we put another bracket across the length of the case they would be stronger. But I have no problem with just nine DVDs on each stack. (They haven’t fallen down yet.)

When I have our floating books up on the wall I’ll post a tutorial for that as well. Hope you like this. Let me know if you try it out!