Yep, it’s Germany. Although it’s not official yet so I won’t completely blog about it. Except for the fact that we are totally psyched.

Before I met my husband, my plan was to finish college and go to the Peace Corps before getting a life-long job. I wanted a little adventure before being tied down somewhere. But then I met Albert and the plans changed a tad. I graduated before he did and had to get a job until he was done. When he was done this last May I sat still waiting for him to find a job. The Marshall Islands were a prospect, way far away. That didn’t happen. Then Wisconsin was a choice. That didn’t happen. Then Cheyenne. That didn’t happen. With each hit and each possibility we were getting closer to home. Not that I don’t love my family; it was just a need to be gone.

The funny thing is, he didn’t even find this job. They found him. He flew out to Washington D.C. last week to interview and called me with great news the afternoon of.

“Sprechen ze deutsch?” he said.


“You’ll need it.”

And off we go. It’s not in writing yet…but let the craziness of moving begin!

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