First a question for all you readers. I’m going to host an internet meme, which is basically where I blog something, you all blog the same type of thing, and then you put your links on here so we can all share. I’ll be doing it weekly for the next while, I don’t know how long it will last. It will involve getting to know each other through saying things about ourselves pertaining to a particular topic. (Like what kind of pets have you owned?)

The question is…should it be ‘Three Things Thursdays’ or ‘Five Things Fridays’? My dilemma is that three things are easier to come up with, but most people don’t blog on Thursdays. (And I’m stuck on the alliteration so that can’t change.) So state your opinion, and if that includes a different alliterative idea, go for it!

Ok, onto my works in progress. I’ve had this bar to the right ——> for a while now. It indicates that I’m 107% finished. I’m pretty proud of that. I told myself I would write five short stories in two months, and I did. And you know what? With each one I got better.

I really enjoy writing short stories. Because they are so small they give me a sense of accomplishment while I’m in the middle of writing a novel. Otherwise I feel bogged down by the fact that I’ll never, ever finish. So I pull an idea out of my insanely busy head and type it up. A lot of my short stories come from inspiration around me. Like people I see on the train or in a coffee shop. They are always character driven. And they tend to run just one or two pages long.

Now I need to take this pile of short stories I have, really fix a few up, and start submitting to magazines. Anybody have any advice on that?