I’ve been hibernating since I got back from London. My husband bought me a pile of books. My choice of English books…I never realized how limited the amount of English books in Germany would be until I went back to London and had five floors of books to pick from.

By the way, Shiver is amazing. I’m so mad at myself for not buying the sequel. And I’m so tired of starting trilogies that the author hasn’t even finished writing yet. Why do I do that?

Ok, big news. Cora has decided to pass the prize for the 150 Stalkers Give-away to someone else. Penguin does not have A Tale of Two Cities in the fancy cloth-bound classics. That is her favorite book. So she wanted to give someone else a chance. And Melissa Gill is our new winner!

The London bookstore was out of the Penguin classics, sad day. But I will get whatever Melissa wants online and send it to her. (I think I might order my copy of Pride and Prejudice too, hee hee.)

Tomorrow is the ‘Guess That Character Blogfest’ so come back for that. (Shoot, I need to find a photo of my character and a description of her in my novel. Ummm…guess I better get on that.) I’ll be postponing tomorrow’s Three Things Thursdays because of the blogfest, but it’ll be back next week.

I think that’s all.