Sitting in a Berliner currywurst shop, the rain pouring outside, thinking that I have to catch a train at 8 the next morning, I had the strongest urge to cry. This was the last time I’d see Berlin for who knows how long. I’m leaving Europe. I had this impulse even as I wrote this to throw myself to the floor and pound it with my fists. “I don’t wanna go!”

Ironically the Berliner currywurst shop has a picture of New York on the wall…

This has truly been an incredible experience. I would never have thought I would get to spend five years in Europe. Originally I planned to leave college and go into the Peace Corps, but life happened and I got married instead. So when my husband was offered a job in Germany, I was definitely more excited than he was. Now that we’ve lived here (and in Belgium), had our minds opened to a new culture and so many possibilities, he is just as in love with traveling as I am. We’ve both got the bug, and we have high hopes for moving back (maybe to the UK, maybe to Scandinavia, maybe Germany again). Either way, we know we definitely want our children to grow up bilingual; we know we will forever hold part of Germany in our hearts; and we will never regret having made the decision to move here and stay here as long as we did. We will miss it, oh how my heart hurts right now, but it’s time for the next adventure.

Hello Detroit!