I found an older table through a yard sale website. It was solid oak, and actually quite beautiful. But the spot it was meant for is decorated in white, black, and red. So I painted it. I really wish I had like five of these so I could do different things to it. I wanted for a while to make this my desk, but it’s so beautiful I have to leave it out where people can see it. Here is my process…
 The original table and the first coat of Alt Weiss, Old White. I considered stopping after one coat with the wood showing through, and again I wish I had another table just like it. But I stuck with my original idea and kept painting.
The second and third coats. On the third coat I went the opposite direction I had been going, just to get everything truly covered.
The fourth coat finished it off. I used part of a stencil to paint a design in one corner in red. I still can’t decide if simple is better or if I should paint more red. What do you think?