Day 83 – München es schon! (Munich is beautiful!)

It’s kinda fun to say, “Oh yea, we just took an afternoon and drove down to Munich.” We went to the Deutsches Museum, a very hands-on science museum. There is a lot there, we’ll have to go again. And then we walked around in Munich and found the Glockenspiel at Marienplatz. We didn’t see it chime however since it was 18:00 and it dances at 11:00.

Which brings in the other part of this post…24 hour time, celsius, metric measurements, and Euros! We are definitely getting better at figuring things out. But we went out on a limb and bought a bottle at the market last night that luckily was mustard like we thought. Don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t. We also had to convert kmh to mph on the autobahn last night to figure out if we had passed my husband’s ‘legal’ speed record. I probably shouldn’t own to that online. We hit 200 kmh which should be 125 mph, but our GPS said it was only 114 mph. That takes the cake!

We are both attempting to not convert any of the numbers. Growing up with Fahrenheit and 12 hour time has made for some interesting conversations, but we don’t want to spend our time converting we just want to know it the way they do it. So here’s to a few mistakes of looking at the thermometer and dressing too warmly.