I think our apartment is finally good enough to show here. I’m still lost on what to paint. I’m thinking a light gray in the living room, but I like everything as it is so I’m just leaving it for now. Click here to see the photos on my album with it empty and then designed.

The main room. Behind me is the entry and to the right is the kitchen. To my left is a hallway that leads to two bedrooms and the bathroom. Outside the big windows is our balcony. Above this area is the entertainment area and the third bedroom directly above my head. The two chairs with brown plaid…yea…I’m looking forward to changing that fabric to match the rest of the decor. And the wall behind the couch is the one I want to paint gray. I did a tutorial on how I painted the small white table in the bottom left corner.
The reading nook. I’ll post tutorials on how I made the floating books and the crates. That’s our parakeet, Moe, in the cage. And that chair I found in the trash, it just needed a good cleaning. Awesome, right?
The entertainment area in the loft. The third bedroom is behind me. We were sleeping in there until it got crazy hot this summer. I did a tutorial on the floating DVDs on the back wall back in January.
A closer look at the wall that should be gray.
 My office. I did a tutorial on how I painted the writing on the wall, just click here to see it. As well as a tutorial on how I made the storage boxes in the bookcase.
Let me know what you think, or what I can improve upon. I don’t advertise that I’m a designer of any sort, but I love to do it. My apartment is constantly a blank canvas for me to go crazy with.