I’ve finally pushed over the 200 followers mark. So in my normal fashion, I’m celebrating reaching a landmark. It’s simple. Anyone who comments on this post will be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card.

Now for some updates because I haven’t blogged in a while.

Summer in is full swing here. As you can see by these peonies and daisies I got from the market.

We’ve been squeezing every weekend like a wet rag, getting every last drop of sun and activity. We’ve driven in the Black Forest with the removable top off of our Porsche, we’ve gone racing at the Nürburgring, sat on our balcony soaking up rays, and just enjoyed the long days.

I’ve been reading tons. Although I got stuck recently on a very long book about Cleopatra by Margaret George. It was wonderful but slow and long.

My writing stopped. Just quit coming. So I let it. I think it’s starting to creep back in. It’s like a thunderstorm, sometimes way off in the distance rumbling but not really effecting me, then suddenly it’s booming so loud I can feel it deep in my chest.

We bought a grill today so we’re having a meal of entirely grilled food. Corn, brats, and potatoes…yum. We’ve been cooking more at home, trying to eat better. I think it’s that and the huge amounts of sunshine that are helping me feel not so depressed. (Yes, the winter had me very down this year.)

How about you? What has been going on?