When my sister was pregnant for the first time I had this dream of being the most awesome aunt, the one that lets you drive fast on your 16th birthday and the one that takes you for drinks on your 21st. I also wanted to have a nickname for my niece. But I didn’t want to just pick one, I wanted it to mean something. So just a few days after she was born, she presented it to me. Whenever she was hungry she wouldn’t really cry, she would just squeak. Squeaker. I have it on video and everything. Even now when she’s two years old, she is quite the squeaky little thing, squeals when she’s excited and all. I took photos of her every three months during her first year. Here is the link to the three month photos. And here is the link to the slideshow I made of the whole year. Now I’ll post the six month photos. She was sitting on her own but not crawling and certainly becoming very animated!