I’m querying my first novel. I’ve sent only three queries so far, but I have one rejection. I’m so elated with the query process right now that I’m actually happy to have a rejection because it means someone looked at my stuff! So when I post a few months down the road and am continuing to get rejections that just depress me, please remind me of this high feeling I had today.

I’m also working on two projects. Continuing along with my singularity idea and starting another literary novel about a girl who is constantly reaching for dreams but every time she gets one they just fall apart. It’s still in the baby stages and fairly fragile so I am handling with care.

The singularity novel is blossoming. It’s become something I did not expect. In order to begin a story I need to know the ending, but I usually only know a few scenes in the middle to get me to that ending, then I just let the story run. Well this one has gone some strange places. It’s becoming more action than I’m used to writing. It’s refreshing and difficult.