Recycled Bottle Cap Photo Magnets Tutorial Part 1.

Step 1.
Wash and clean recycled bottle caps. I try to make mine match the photos I’m using. And each set of three or four has the same bottle cap.

Step 2.
Use a 1-inch die-cut and cut out the photos. I print mine on regular 4×6 photo paper. I use Adobe InDesign to make them 1-inch circles. Microsoft Word would work as well, or any other program you can make the circles 1-inch in diameter.

Step 3.
Mix and pour your epoxy. I use clear casting epoxy. Just follow the directions on the box. I don’t fill the bottle caps all the way, just about half. To get the bubbles out just blow hot air across the top.

Step 4.
Watch and hold down the photos. They will float on top of the epoxy so for about the first hour you have to check on them and push the photos back under using the stick you mixed with. I push them all under and then leave for a while and come back to do it again. I do that until they all stay under. Then let the epoxy dry overnight.

That is the end of Part 1. Stay tuned for the last half of the tutorial! And once that piece is up here these magnets will be up for sale in my shop. Thanks for stopping by to learn how to make my bottle cap photo magnets. And thanks to my hubby for taking the pictures.