It seems to be one of the topics of pop culture. Either you hate the Twilight Saga or love it. Typically I don’t read books that have a crazy amount of hype, but I read Twilight long before there was hype. She’s a wonderful writer, I get completely lost in her books. It’s just the topics that are controversial. Is Bella too dependent on the overpowering Edward? I’m much more in love with her Host book. The topic doesn’t bug me quite so much as the unbelievable, fantasy relationship of Edward and Bella.

Now Stephenie Meyer has a novella about the newborn vampire from Eclipse, Bree. She’s letting her fans read it for free until July 5th (just click the book cover to get to I’ll post a review on it later. I really enjoyed it. It’s always pretty fun to think about the other characters in a book, and here Stephenie Meyer took a very small character in the Eclipse book and hashed out her story.

So tell me, do you love it or hate it? Or are you the person I haven’t heard about yet that is neutral on the topic?