My brand launch on the 11th was a ton of fun. I had over 10 giveaways, we played a few games, everyone shared their favorite books with me, and we looked at a lot of bookish writing and editing links. And that word right there, the one that sticks out, was the answer to the scavenger hunt…Bookish!

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I hope you all had fun. I am posting our team storytelling game here because I think it turned out to be a really awesome story. What do you think the title should be?


It’s never something we think about until it actually happens.

And even when it happens we do not often notice it at all, but convince ourselves that it never actually happened – we were just daydreaming about a dream.

That dream – the one with a beautiful girl smiling at you – did occur.

She was walking away from me, into the mist on the platform. I wish I could have stopped her, said something, but I didn’t.

Then a voice rang out over the tannoy, announcing a delay to the Paris train.

Surely that was her train. I had to think, quick. Where would she go to keep warm until her train left?

She always had a craving for a fish sandwich at Nordsee….but today would she choose a more refined tea?

A place where she would find warmth in a cup of tea and her favorite book.

I searched each cafe table, but she was like an apparition – always ahead of me, sometimes behind, never where I was looking.

Across the tracks I spotted her scarf. It danced in the air before it landed in a crumpled mess by my feet.

Reaching down to pick it up, I noticed a slip of paper in the folds of the scarf.

I flattened it out in my hand, my damp palm slowly blurring the mauve ink sketch that I recognised at once as a carefully observed portrait of myself.


Thanks to John von Daler, Charlotta Buxton, Gail Doggett, Carol Cooper, Katie Kuchlbauer Cavanaugh, Michele Cribley, Glynis Smy, and Debbie Young for helping make this story a story.