I just read the book The Other Hand by Chris Cleave. Very good book by the way. It gave me the inspiration for this week. And the answer is


But since I’ve been studying so much German we have to spell it


because with a C it actually looks wrong to me. My safari with my family in Tanzania was definitely the trip of a lifetime. To me Africa is the smell of wood-fires and the color of deep sunsets shining brightly in my face with the funky donkeyish sound of Zebras calling in my ears. That trip taught me a lot of things, and it was a lot of fun to boot.

I was given my first blog award by Christine Danek at Christine’s Journey. So exciting.

And I will pass it on to:
Cora at C Kemp Shoot – even though we’re buddies outside of our blogs
Linda at a la mode stuff – she makes the coolest seat-belt bags!
Tali at Imperfectly Perfect – beautiful photography and a glimpse into life in Israel
Laura at Laura Evans Photography – the crazy adventures she has
Juliette at Zuhause in Germany – for a fellow expat

I have been doing a lot of home projects and get to show you guys this week. Pictures and partial tutorials starting tomorrow.