Ha! I stumped you all! Maybe that’s a bad thing though? The answer is


or sunrise if you prefer. The colors yellow, orange, red, and then the three together in a sunset painting. So you tell me, did you enjoy it being harder or was it too hard? Don’t you just love the yellow hair clip? If only I could pull that off and not look like I’m three years old.

I wanted to mention a blogfest that is coming up next month. A fellow blogger, Jen from unedited, blogged about her character and had her readers guess what said character looks like. Then she posted a picture the next day. It was so fun, and now she’s turning it into a blogfest! It’ll be on August 19/20. So check it out and join the fun. I’ll be posting about my main character from my current novel (you’ve seen pieces of it already) Her Daughter.

Oooo, and tomorrow Hanna from I’ll Name My Typewriter After the Moon is hosting a character party on her blog. Go check it out, it should be tons of fun. Kind of like a tea party on a blog.