I found this video through The Design Notebook. I can’t stop watching it. Make sure you watch the whole thing even though it may cause some anger or frustration. If you don’t get angry or frustrated, stop watching. It won’t have an impact on you if you believe what it’s saying in the beginning. I believe this video not only talks about publishing but about my generation. So pay attention Generation Y. We are the catalyst for change. The future can continue to go downhill from here, or we can force it to turn the other way and head uphill.

I don’t mean politically. I don’t care about Obama one way or another because the fact is that one man can not make as much difference as everyone seems to think he can. I mean in terms of society. Will we only care about celebrities and what Lady GaGa is wearing in ten years? Or will it matter to us that we have the knowledge and wisdom and ability to cure cancer? Because if we only care about Lady GaGa, we won’t get to a point of curing cancer.

Wouldn’t it be great if a video like this, that actually says something, became a viral video? Instead of some mindless nonsense that makes us laugh hysterically? Laughing is good, but so is growth and an open mind.