Quick note: my mom told me that my grandparents, who were married in Notre Dame, were married on April 11. And I didn’t know that when I made Notre Dame the calendar for April, so awesome.

The winner for the 100 Followers and 100 Photos give-away is Christine Danek! Thank you so much to everyone for playing. I had eleven entries, the most I’ve ever had! Very exciting.

Now some pictures from our trip to Paris this last weekend. I have never been into photographing doors or buildings, but I found some beautiful doors and buildings that inspired me on this trip.

The hubby and I outside Notre Dame.

Beautiful statue, and the Eiffel Tower hidden behind a tree.

This was my third trip to Paris and I still have not been to the top of the Eiffel. We found my brother-in-law, who was there on a high school trip, and went with them to the second level of the Tower. But the third level was closed for an hour because of too many people! We had to go back down because we were going on a boat ride and couldn’t wait. Next time, maybe.