Ok! Thanks for all the input guys. I have decided on Thursdays. Since this is the first week I’ll leave the linky thing open until tomorrow night so if you don’t get to it until tomorrow that’s fine. And if you don’t want to do a blog post, just tell us in the comments here. If you do a blog post add your link to the linky thing at the bottom of this post so everybody can go read about you.

Three things about…
your childhood that make you who you are.
1. I was in the same house since I was two and have a fascination with moving because of not ever moving.
2. I have a journal that I was given when I was 11 by my best friend. I still have it and still write in it. (That’s how bad I am at journaling.)
3. I was obsessed with unicorns and fairies whenever I wrote stories. Maybe that’s why my characters always love fantasy?
Feel free to do more than three, for now I’m sticking with three just to follow the rules. I can’t wait to get to know you all through this. Have fun with it. And come back next Thursday!