So to continue in the strain of childhood, I’d like to hear about where you grew up this week. You can enter your own blog post in the linky below or just tell me in the comments.

Three things about…
where you grew up.

1.    The biggest thing all year for our town is the fair. Yeah, it’s a cowboy town. (And yes, I’m a cowgirl.)

2.    Everybody who lives there knows my last name, because my dad is a veterinarian. Police officers, random shop owners, even people I’ve met in Paris know me because of my dad.

3.    It may be a tiny town, but we have some rich neighborhoods around. It’s known as Little Beverly Hills to the locals, and many a fancy car, including quite a few Lamborghinis, can be spotted daily.

The photo is of Pikes Peak, the mountain that inspired America the Beautiful. It’s just an hour south of where I grew up.