I spent the last three weeks on vacation. Well, let me rephrase. I spent the last week vacationing from my vacation and the two previous weeks visiting family and friends back home in Colorado. Don’t ask me why, but it took me a full week to recover. So now I’m back at it! Want to see some photos from the trip?

We went camping (really it was RVing) in the Tetons with our entire family. The luxury of planning your vacation nearly a year in advance is what leaves room for getting everyone involved. We had both of our parents, all of our siblings, and both sets of Albert’s grandparents as well as his aunt and great aunt out in the beautiful wilderness of Teton National Park with us. It turned into a very relaxing week that I didn’t want to end. Then we had a few hectic days in Colorado, making sure we met up with everyone we could.

Whenever someone asks me if I miss the U.S., I say not really…except for the people. So how about everyone just moves out here so I can keep living in Europe but get to hang out with you all every day?


Way back seven years ago I went to the Tetons with Albert’s family and we took a picture very much like this. Now I’m married to him and my sister-in-law also has a husband!


Rockies game! Since this was the first trip we’ve gone home in the summer, I insisted on a baseball game. It was insanely hot, but so worth it.


My nieces. I think I could steal them and no one would know they aren’t mine. Hee hee.


Mom and Dad on Jackson Lake.


Mom and my sister goofing off.


Sister-in-law and her husband with crazy brother-in-law photobombing.


Fatty chewing on a berry at Inspiration Point.


Beauty. I love sunrays when they streak like that.


My sisters-in-law.


As my friend put it, I’m being kissed by my two loves.